Kimberly-Clark 34155 KIMTECH SCIENCE KIMWIPES Delicate Task Wiper (Case of 60 boxes)

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Kimtech Science * KimWipes * was the first fragile work wipes for laboratories launched over 60 years ago and has since been the market leader for cleaning surfaces, parts, devices, and lenses in laboratories. Kimtech, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers delicate, low lining, and less removable wipers for delicate work. These scientific wipers are perfect for light cleaning tasks in the laboratory. Antistatic delivery reduces lint and electrostatic discharge, making this product suitable for laboratory and scientific use. These wipers are 1-ply and come in a convenient POP-UP * box. They can be used to clean delicate instruments (lenses, glasses, eyeglasses, electronics, etc.) in the laboratory and at home and are used to clean glass, metal, plastic, and stainless steel, because of their anti Is a static property. It is possible.

  • Each Kimtech Delicate task wipe box contains 280 sheets
  • Kimtech Science Wipes easily wipe up liquids, dust and tiny particles and are designed for delicate tasks.
  • POP-UP Box delivers one-at-a-time dispensing for minimized waste.
  • Anti-static dispensing system reduces lint and electrostatic discharge (for sensitive environments like labs).
  • Useful for cleaning glassware, lenses, spectacles, laboratory instruments and other delicate equipments.
  • Kimtech Science Wipes are made by Kimberly Clark, manufacturers of Huggies, Kotex and Kleenex


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